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Services Offered by Vanguard

Helping people with drug and alcohol disorders get the assistance they need

Substance abuse doesn't discriminate against age, gender, upbringing or class. Chances are, if you don't already know someone whose life has been affected by drugs or alcohol, you will.

Batting a substance disorder can be an ongoing and difficult journey. Fortunately, Vanguard Services Unlimited is here to help.

For more than 40 years, Vanguard has been on the front lines in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction right in our community.



A staff member will set up an assessment appointment, generally within one day. Phone screening available, as appropriate.


Residential Treatment

The Phoenix Program

Arlington, VA

Our oldest and largest program, Phoenix serves men and women with Chronic addiction and a host of related severe problems. Phoenix offers a 3-phase treatment program that helps clients, step-by-step, make the dramatic changes needed to achieve sobriety.

Accommodates: 68

Range of stay: 30-365 days


Demeter House

Arlington, VA

Our Demeter program offers gender-specific treatment for women, including expectant mothers and mothers with children. For mothers, traditional substance abuse programs often do not work, in large part because they must leave their children behind. But at this unique program, children accompany their mother while in treatment.

Accommodates: 22

Range of stay: 30-180 days


Girls/boys Recovery Lodge

Arlington,, VA

Located on more than 50 acres in the beautiful Virginia countryside,Girls Recovery Lodge helps troubled adolescents overcome their deeply rooted problems of substance abuse--and learn how to be kids again through new habits of thinking and doing. Program includes licensed, on-site school with year-round instruction.

Girls Campus Accommodates: 12

Boys Campus Accommodates: 8

Range of stay: 14-365 days


Nuevo Dia

Arlington, VA

Vanguard is dedicated to providing treatment for all those in need, including thousands of monolingual Spanish-speaking people. Nueavo Dia equips adult men with skills and habits necessary to achieve recovery and produce lasting benefits.

Accommodates: 12

Range of stay: 120 days



Other services


Vanguard Counseling Center

Arlington, VA; Washington, D.C.

An outpatient service, Vanguard Counseling Center offers various levels of individual, group and family counseling for teens, you adults and adults who have been assessed with mild to moderate levels of dependency or abuse. Programs for family members help them address their needs and find appropriate, on-going sources of help.

Strengthening Families

A seven-week course for 10-14 year olds and their parents or caregivers, Strengthening Families is a prevention initiate for the local community. Its focus is to help families start and continue the important conversation about risky behaviors, including the use of drugs and alcohol.


Transitional Programs

For men and women who have just completed a primary residential treatment program, Vanguard's transitional programs offer a safe "next step." Clients reside in supervised housing and begin to face responsibilities of independent living. Clients work or attend job training or school during the day then return to the facility during the evening for life skills training and counseling. Virtually 100 percent of clients who complete the program leave with jobs and their own housing.


Adolescent Treatment

Girls Recovery Lodge, see description above.

Vanguard Counseling Center, see description above.

Women's Programs

Demeter House, see description above.