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Phoenix Program

A residential treatment center helping adults with drug and alcohol disorders get the assistance they need

521 N. Quincy Street
Arlington, Virginia 22203-2106
703.841.0703. x209 •  Fax: 703.841.9583

Fast Facts

  • Founded in 1962
  • 68-bed residence for men
  • Open year-round, 24 hours/day
  • Located in Arlington, VA
  • Diagnostic substance abuse assessment
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Family programs
  • Random drug testing
  • Continuity of care from intake to treatment
  • Transitional program available
  • CARF-accredited


The Phoenix Program is a 68-bed center for men, located in Arlington, Virginia. Housed in Vanguard's new Joseph M. Kline Building, a modern, state-of-the-art facility. The Phoenix Program provides a safe haven and a change to rebuild lives.

Our Oldest and largest program, Phoenix serves clients with chronic addictions and a host of related server problems. The tree-phase treatment helps clients, step-by-step, make the dramatic changes needed to achieve and maintain sobriety.


  • THE ASSESSMENT PHASE: This phase of treatment begins with admission and continues for up to two weeks. During this time, clients are evaluated medically, receive a psycho-social assessment, are oriented to treatment activities, and begin to develop an individualized treatment plan with their counselors.
  • THE PRIMARY PHASE: This second phase of treatment includes addiction education, life skills training, group and individual counseling, as well as 12-step group participation such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous, as relapse prevention group and anger management.
  • THE TRANSITION PHASE: This phase covers the last portion of treatment, up to as much as 30 days. During this phase residents are required to develop an aftercare plan that includes finding a job, establishing a sober support system, and securing safe housing after the completion of treatment. During this phase residents work during the day and return to Phoenix for evening groups and AA/NA meetings.


All clients must be:

  • male over 18 years old
  • ambulatory, able to maintain self-care without physical handicap(s) that would hinder mobility in the program
  • have a primary diagnosis of chemical addiction
  • able to maintain appropriate behavior in an intensive, structured facility
  • in good physical health, other than symptoms of withdrawal

We accept self pay and most major insurance carriers as well as CSB, DSS, DJJ, CSA funding.

The Phoenix Program is supported in part by the Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax-Falls Church, Prince William, Loudoun, Rappahannock area , and Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services Boards.


Phoenix Re-Entry

Following completion of the residential program, clients are eligible for Re-Entry, a structured living environment. Clients can remain in Re-Entry for up to a year, but must be gainfully employed and able to participate in the supportive evening program. This includes staff-facilitated groups, relapse prevention, individual counseling, life-skills and 12-step education.


Family Services

Recovery for family member is a process, just as it is for the chemically dependent individual. A family education group meets weekly to address their needs and find appropriative, ongoing sources of help Family members are also urged to attend Al-Anon meetings.


Vanguard Works!

Vanguard has a 65 percent completion rate, exceeding the nation average.

In addition, more than 70 percent of Vanguard clients who complete treatment remain in recovery, when surveyed 90 days following graduation.

We watch our graduates change old habits to rejoin their families, jobs and communities and lead productive, fulfilling lives.



How you can help

Support from caring people like you helps us treat people in our community who are striving to make positive changes in their lives. To help, please send you tax-deductible contribution to the address above. You can also donate online in minutes by visiting our donations page.